S’aide Welcoming Package

New Country, New University, New Life …

All the right services to get you started

What is our Welcoming Package?

When everything is new to you it brings anxieties. That is why we have prepared a package which addresses your initial needs, and you can even buy them all before coming to Turkey.  This will give you a comfort before you start your new life.

Students will be offered services which they will need before they start their higher education journey in Turkey. Upon registering with S’aide and beginning your education journey in Turkey, you will be given the option to purchase your personalized Welcoming Package. This welcome package will include the vital basics needed before you have stepped foot in Turkey. This way you don’t need to worry about your initial requirements to make a fresh start at your new University.

You don’t have to be a new student to Turkey, we have prepared a Welcome Back Package for our returning students to Turkey.

What is included in the Welcoming Package?

The content of the welcoming package has three main services which are urgently needed for the fresh starters in addition to free S’aide membership for the first year.  

  • Mandatory Health Insurance for international students:

All international students are required to get their student health insurance which is valid in Turkey by law. Students are asked to turn in their insurances at the registration as well as residence permit application.

As a S’aide member, prospective students like registered students are eligible to purchase student health insurance through S’aide App. Our insurance partner will provide it to S’aide members immediately through our App. S’aide digital assistant will keep record of health insurance for the future uses.

  • Prepaid SIM card with GSM services

Nothing gives more comfort to families than hearing the voice of their daughter or son at the arrival to Turkey. That is why you will be provided your simcard and GSM plan specifically designed for your needs. You will be able to purchase it beforehand and you will be using it at your arrival to Turkey. The package is organized for three months to cover your pre YKN period.  

  • Airport Transfer to your dorm or rental

S’aide will be welcoming you at your arrival to any Turkish airport. You will be at safe hands and will be driven either to your University, hotel or apartment.  We offer airport transfer service transportation in transit vans. The best thing in about our partnered chauffeur services is time, price, and comfort. 

What are additional services to be provided?

In addition to the main items provided by the welcoming package, the following services will be offered to students by S’aide.

These personalized solutions are:

  • Health Assistance Services

Since mandatory student health insurance only covers basic treatments and mainly unexpected and emergency cases, we strongly advise you to have additional health insurance and assistance service.

  • Internet and digital TV memberships

When you decide to move to your own apartment, this optional membership services will be provided.

  • City Cards for Metro and Bus Transportation

Each major city has their own card systems and S’aide will try to provide them to you.

  • Discounted Hotel & Flight reservations

You will be eligible for discounts at flight tickets and hotel reservations. Ypu will be informed through our newsletters.

  • PTE English Exam Voucher Discount

Students who would like to skip their English preparation years may take Pearson’s PTE computerized Academic English Exam with S’aide discount.  

  • Promotional items

You will have made the right decision

With S’aide, you will take the one-step-ahead and can rest your mind knowing that you can glide directly into your studies without any hurdles. No need for long waits, miscommunication issues, or demotivating situations. You have made the right decision to allow yourself the luxury of full student aide services with S’aide.