University Tuition Management (S’UTM) Services

Secure, Fast, Low-Cost and Trackable Payments with Verifications

S’aide understands the initial rush of applying to a university and each step that follows. Moreover, we know each struggle that you may face along the way. With different payment systems and language barriers, it can be stressful to guarantee that you have completed all necessary payment steps so that you can start your education immediately. S’aide takes all that troublesomeness away.

With S’aide, we stand beside you during each step of the way. We not only guide each student personally, but also track your status. S’aide University Tuition Management Service not only covers your deposit payments, but also your registration down-payments, tuition installments, dormitory, and other payments.

S’aide assists you on to how to properly pay your university deposit and tuitions.

When S’aide App is installed to smart phones, you will be provided with payment guidance through the closest payment point in your hometowns. With our guided S’aide tuition payment system, you will be able to pay within a secure, low cost and fast environment. After your payment is received by your University, S’aide will provide payment verification.

Transfer and pay your University Deposits

S’aide will guide you to make your International Money Transfers fast, easy, secure and low-cost and also help you to pay your University deposit payment with verification.

When you are applying for Turkish Universities, you will first receive your conditional acceptance letter after the approval of your application. You will be officially informed about your annual tuition and deposit payment amounts with your conditional acceptance letter. In order to be able to get your full acceptance letter you are asked to pay your deposit payment. In that phase S’aide will be with you to go through payment procedures as well. S’aide will prepare payment guidance uniquely for you with closest payment points and banks in your home country and also instruction for every step of payment. After the payment you will receive verification from S’aide that your university has received your deposit payment.

How can I pay my Tuition Payments?

Universities request to receive tuition payments at registration. Registrations are also required to be renewed every year with annual tuition payments throughout your higher education. S’aide will also guide you to handle these registration and renewal tuition payments. S’aide will inform you to pay your tuition payments based on your payment plan before their dues. This way you can budget your expenses and tuition payments.

When you need to pay your tuition S’aide will guide you with closest bank or payment point in your home country. After the payment you will receive verification that your University has received it. S’aide will keep track of your payment plan dues and updates and inform you throughout your University education.