Turkish Universities

Turkish Universities

With Turkey being the most popular hub for students from both East and West, it is not surprising that each year the number of student applications are on the rise. Turkey is listed among the top ten education destinations for international students by UNESCO. The approval phase has now become a competition amongst students trying to guarantee their spot in their dream university with their chosen program.  

From the most modern educational technology and methods along with the most reasonably priced tuitions, Turkey has become popular among international students. The major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir have seen a beautiful influx of international students. While Turks are pleased with the warm diversity of young minds, the international student network has grown and become the norm.

Turkey hosts nearly 180,000 international students and every year this number is increasing. There are 207 universities in Turkey with a population of 82 Million. The total number of university students is close to 8 million. There are nearly 60.000 different programs at 207 Turkish Universities.


Many things have changed in my life during my higher education  in Turkey. I met new friends and lecturers and established my own networks. I have already started to receive career options back home, but I hope to move my career to Turkey one day

Turkish university acceptance is competitive and of high value. Many serious international students go through the right route of full guidance and assistance. It is always best to make sure that you are one step ahead of the rest. Therefore, with S’aide at your side, you will have the confidence and assurance that you are on the right path to your dreams.