How to Deposit to My Wallet?

There are several easy ways to top your S’aide Wallet. All deposits can be sent in USD and are instantly received by you in Turkish Liras. No more dealing with exchange offices!

International money transfer through 

    • WISE to wallet
    • UPT to wallet
    • SWIFT to wallet

ATM cash top-up in Turkish Lira

How to Top-Up my S’aide Wallet?

International Money Transfer

  1. Select Deposit to My Wallet
  2. Choose Country which the money will come from
  3. Choose Payment Type

 Wise Transfers

International Money Transfer Guidance for S’aide through Birlesik Odeme

Birlesik Odeme is the official partner in Turkey. You need to proceed step by step in WISE menus. Here are the steps:

 1st Step : Open an account and login to WISE  (

 2nd Step : How much would you like to transfer: Enter the Amount in the selected currency

3rd Step : Make sure that you have enough money in your WISE account 

4th Step : Please fill the following information to define recipient for the requested fields in WISE platform as stated below.

 Full name of the account holder : Birlesik Odeme

 IBAN (Birlesik Odeme’s dedicated IBAN for S’aide) : TR 86 0010 3000 0000 0031 0686 55

 Your Transfer (as stated in S’aide App Guidance) : xxxxx

 Birlesik Odeme will receive exactly (in Turkish Lira and deposited to S’aide Student Wallet after deducting S’aide fee) : xxxx 

 Fee (Money transfer fee of Wise) : xxxx 

 Type a reference (This is S’aide Reference Code for transfers plus (with – dash) the S’aide account holder’s SID) :42268809997-XXXXXXXX