The right services with S’aide Welcoming Package.

Student Welcoming Package

S’aide will help you to get you orientated to your university and daily life by meeting your first needs at your arrival.

We understand the anxiety of each student and especially their loved ones upon arrival to Turkey. So many concerns and questions can arise before your flight here even takes off. Why wait? S’aide greets you upon your arrival to Turkey with your Welcoming Package. Land in Turkey with a peace of mind. You will stay connected to your loved ones back home with your prepaid SIM card with GSM Services. You have instant coverage upon arrival with S’aide Health Insurance. Moreover, you will feel secure knowing that when you leave the airport, you will not have to bargain and fuss over a taxi. Why take a risk? S’aide’s partnered transfer services provide a student friendly rate straight from the airport to your dorm or rental in a safe & professional manner.

I have never left my home country before and I was quite nervous about how I will travel from the airport. My mother was frantic on how I would let her know that I got to my dorm safely. With S’aide, not only was the chauffer easily recognizable with the S’aide logo in hand, but I had instant access to video web calling with my SIM Card! I was relieved and so was my mom.

Every student and parent should have the comfort that S’aide is there upon arrival. With our unique 24/7 membership service, we are there with you when you apply, land & transfer, and the years to come.

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