Say “Merhaba” to the most convenient international student driven wallet. S’aide Wallet is the safest, simple, and helpful student money management S’aide App feature.

S’aide Wallet

the most convenient international student driven wallet

Pay a Friend

Send money to a friend to split expenses for dinner, bills, rent, and more. See the instant reflection in your wallet and keep track of your expenditures with transactions in your wallet. Easily find your friends and make a fast payment! 

Keep your S’aide Card and Wallet in Your Pocket

Have instant access to your account information through S’aide Wallet and instantly withdraw or make a payment with your S’aide Debit Card. Send your friend your S’aide ID (SID) number and receive fast cash in your wallet for instant cash withdraw!


S’aide Wallet

Receive Instant International Money Deposits to Your Pocket!

Now your loved ones can send each S’aide member money directly to their wallets through S’aide. With over 400,000 payment points, EFT, WISE, IBAN, and more, anyone can send USD today for you in Turkish Liras. No more dealing with exchange rates and conversion confusion. Your funds are instantly converted and deposited to your account within moments. 

Stay Connected with Your Favorite Local Businesses

Pay your favorite local market, retailor, or café through S’aide Wallet. See where you’ve made the most recent local transactions and save your favorite merchant information for fast payment!


Stay on Top of Your Student Finances

Get a fuller picture of your finances for a clearer picture of what you have, what you’ve spent, and recent activity.

Learn your spending patterns and take control of your student budget today!