S’aide Visa Smart World of Payments

With S’aide Visa, we ensure that each payment made from your S’aide account, virtual wallet or S’aide Visa card is certified with Visa. All our unique members have the world at their fingertips and can easily pay anywhere, anytime with our smart world of payments globally.

S’aide Visa Card offers you rich ATM network

S’aide Visa card is not only a payment card that uses the global Visa network but also offers money withdrawal capabilities from your own S’aide wallet account. S’aide Visa card is connected to many ATM networks so that you will cash out your account for your immediate needs.

Smart Student Payment Services You Deserve

Today, there are more ways for all student shoppers to pay their daily needs and make transactions. However, paying by bank or commercialized credit cards or direct cash payment lacks beneficial rewards & security and can cause overspending. With S’aide options of payment, all students hold the opportunity to save while spending, take control of their habits and most of all – have full advanced access anytime, anywhere with S’aide Visa.

In Turkey, money conversion can be a difficult feat, especially when there is much competition to take the most for your dollar. S’aide is here to assist you with that hassle.  Finally, an exchange system with the most competitive rates available.

S’aide Virtual Visa Card is your ideal digital solution for online payments. The use of S’aide Virtual Visa Card for such payments will keep your primary prepaid card and account details safe.

If you love shopping online and focusing your time on your studies and free-time hobbies, it is smart to use our virtual payment card. A Virtual card always protects your information online. Even if you are spending on well-known, secure sites, it is better to have S’aide on your side. And with your virtual card, you are still getting more value with the Loyalty Program.

Online subscriptions can be difficult to manage if you have them on automatic payment. What exactly they are charging you for, renewals and upgrades can happen, but with S’aide Virtual Card you can use one card per vendor and see what you are paying for instantly, accurately, and easily through your S’aide account.

Reap your student benefits with S’aide Loyalty Program while you spend with S’aide smart world of payments. You can keep up to date with your spending with instant account access. Finally, simple payments with student saving rewards and self-budgeting all in one application.