“Get your daily payments done with S’aide, securely and fast”

S’aide provides S’aide members and students with a reliable support for their daily life purchases with smart payment solutions.

    • Withdraw Money instantly at any ATM machine near you with QR code or S’aide Card!
    • Shop online without any hassle through S’aide’s physical and virtual cards.
    • Pay and get cashbacks and rewards from local partnered vendors.
    • Top-Up your S’aide Wallet Account and enjoy your daily subscriptions and payments.


Learn your budgeting, your expenses, control your spendings”

1- Advantage Program:

With all partnered Turkish Merchants! – S’aide members and students will have access to discounts and cashback rewards instantly with their favorite stores, restaurants, and with S’aide.

2- Monthly Payments

Catch your payment deadlines and make your monthly payments as rent, utilities, and more with S’aide Wallet Account through the application. Manage all of your payments in one place! Get your official S’aide receipt (dekont) and use it as a proof of payment.

3- Shop Online:

With the 3D Secure S’aide debit card payment, shop securely and fast. Enjoy your on-spot and online shopping!

4- Transfer/Receive Money:

    • Send and receive payments with your S’aide friends instantly and free of charge.
    • Split lunch costs or electric bill? Send and receive money amounts fast and easy with just a tap of the S’aide application.