Making Payments with S’aide

Reliable Student Aide (S’aide) Services with Smart Payment Solutions

All our valued S’aide members will have complete access to all S’aide student services.

  • S’aide is the main aide for all payments.
  • You can withdraw your money from our ATMs.
  • Shopping can be hassle when it comes to conversion, and in these times S’aide provides each student to pay through their S’aide app or with their S’aide Visa Card.
  • Pay your meals at a local vendor and chain vendors easy with S’aide app or your S’aide Visa Card
  • Special day? Birthday? Anniversary? Send a gift to a friend today!
  • You will also be able to pay your living expenses in Turkey. For example, you can pay your travel expenses, bus pass, top up your cellular minutes, rent, and taxi easy with our 3-D secure Digital Card or Visa Card

Find your Needs at S’aide Loyalty Stores with Advantageous Prices

One of our most prized membership features is our Loyalty Program. Students will have access to discounts and rewards instantly with their favorite stores through S’aide.

Monthly Payments on S’aide

You can make your monthly payments through S’aide such as rent, utilities, and more. Why go through the hassle of late fees? Have instant verification and account clarification instantly and 24/7 with S’aide.

Pay Online with S’aide Digital Visa Card

Always safe and secure with our 3-D Secure Visa card during each online transaction.

Friend to Friend Payments

Need to split the lunch or electric bill? Send money instantly to another S’aide member to split the bill. Fast and easy with just a tap of your phone.