A Warm Welcome to Turkey, At S’aide, we put our students at the center of what we do

All international students are at a critical point in their life. The choices that they make now will shape both their career and personal life to come. Therefore, S’aide is here to assist in their higher education from many aspects. We understand that it is vital for students to focus on their education and creating foundations for their future. It is important to take advantage of the university opportunities that will enhance your career. With the many cultural, professional, and academic events, and activities provided by Turkish universities, we highly recommend that all our students participate in them and expand their horizon and vision. At S’aide, we put our students at the center of what we do to make all this possible.

Focus on your future and higher education, Let S'aide handle your payment services.

S’aide understands the initial rush of applying to a university and each step that follows. Moreover, we know each struggle that you may face along the way. With different payment systems and language barriers, it can be stressful to guarantee that you have completed all necessary payment steps and get all requirements so that you can start your education immediately. S’aide is designed to take all that troublesomeness away.

In order to make your life easier, S'aide is always on your side.

All of our S’aide members are provided with all sorts of services like bank wallet accounts, S’aide Debit Card, international money transfers, university payments, and rich Advantage merchants where you can save when spending and more. We offer the most of all our student immediate needs such as our unique welcoming package, health insurance, flight tickets, airport transfers, sim card and advantageous GSM packages.


Integrated to your university life

S’aide will keep track of your progress and offer you more services throughout your higher education journey. With the coordination of your University administrations, you will be able to get some of the University advantageous services through S’aide as well. These services are not only limited to your University journey but include support for your career development. We strongly believe that each student should begin paving their career while they are studying. Taking advantage of such opportunities enhance your knowledge and give you the step up in the years to come.

Who are we?

S’aide is a wide team of professionals ranging from on-hand experience with numerous international offices in universities, educational counselors/agents, and most of all Turkish International Higher Education rules & regulations. Therefore, we understand your needs, expectations and anxieties. With the most suitable and reliable partners to help you along the way, we know we have you covered through each step. We stand by our motto & we stand by you.